Bulova Precisionist Watch

When it comes to watches, I’m willing to let a piece prove itself to me, regardless of the movement tucked away inside. Quartz movements are capable and accurate, and generally come in at a lower price point than their mechanical brethren. It’s a trade-off, however, as you lose that magic that mechanical movements have. So, for me, if I’m looking at a quartz watch, I want it to be able to do something that a mechanical watch simply cannot do, or cannot do at anywhere near the price point the quartz is available at. Today’s Bulova is a perfect example of what I mean.

When it comes to the chronographs, they’ve been quite competent, giving us a good bit of accuracy, down to the second, or perhaps even 1/10th of a second. That’s good – but Bulova has an even more precise chronograph, and that’s what we’ll be taking a look at today.

Bulova isn’t a brand that needs much introduction. One of the original American watchmakers, their history and significance is well known having developed many innovations in its 100+ year life. Now owned by Citizen, the brand still continues to develop interesting and unique lines of watches. One such line that was first introduced in 2010, but seems to go a bit under the radar, is the Precisionist line.

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This is very likely the most accurate watch I’ve had on my wrist. This is courtesy of the unique setup Bulova has gone with. While most quartz watches will have a two-prong quartz crystal, they’ve instead gone with a three-prong crystal. Additionally, the crystal is vibrating 262,144 times per second. Which, aside from being just an impressive number, the frequency is eight times higher than your normal quartz movement. Much as we see with mechanical movements, where higher beat rates mean greater accuracy, the very high frequency here enables the Precisionist to maintain an accuracy of +/- 10 seconds per year.

Let’s let that sink in for a minute. This means, over the course of a year, this movement will gain or lose less than a second per month, on average (an average quartz is good for +/- 15 seconds per month). I’m not sure you’re going to get anything more accurate without an automatic sync to, say, an atomic clock signal. The accuracy of the movement also extends to the chronograph function, which can time up to a 12 hour period – down to 1/1000th of a second. Yes, that’s right – .001 of a second. While many of us probably don’t require that sort of accuracy, it’s a testament to the movement inside that you will know precisely how long your steak was on the grill.

For the pro swimmer, getting a watch that can take on the depth is a big plus. Adding that to the accuracy that comes with this admirable Bulova Men’s  Precisionist Stainless Steel Watch and you have the best wrist watch you would ever wish for. This watch has stainless steel watching over its casing and you can count on it to stay shiny at all times. Yellow continuous sweeping hand, luminous hour and minute hands make it a more convincing choice to purchase. It is easy to read time and make the right fashion statement for whatever outfit you may be going out with. This is a watch with superior performance and it should not be a hard decision to go for it. Admirable Features Timing precision of one-thousandth of a second Mineral crystal with a curving design Both screw-down crown and back Calendar window in place Water resistance of up to 300 meters Luminous markers and hands Stainless bracelet and casing